Archived polls

Archived polls

What is the biggest omission from the agenda for Rio?
A main session on the development agenda in Internet governance
An online collaboration platform for remote participants
A main session on global Internet governance institutions
Open roundtable sessions such as speed dialogues
A main session on the role and mandate of the IGF

Is the IGF fulfilling its mandate?

Why have IGF main sessions become so boring?
They haven't.
Organisers are excluding controversial issues.
We have overcome some of our differences.
Sessions are only being used for positive PR.
Fear of rocking the boat before IGF is renewed.
Stakeholders with other views don't participate.

Who will dominate the IGF?

  35% (7)

Private Sector
  10% (2)

Civil Society
  15% (3)

Intergovernmental organisations
  5% (1)

Nobody: multistakeholderism will work
  35% (7)

Total Votes: 20
What is the most important reform for the IGF?
Establishment of working groups
Funding for disadvantaged groups to attend
Bottom-up agenda setting
Secretariat and advisory group more transparent
Multi-stakeholder appointment of advisory group
Better provision for remote participation

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